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The Shows

The Shop, July 24th, 2004:

First band (3:00): Xone

Third band (6:00): Creepshow

Fourth band (7:30): JMF, with a variety of guests

Fifth band (9:30): S.m.F.

Set List (4:30):
  1. Pissed Off
  2. The Free Life
  3. Lady Killers
  4. Youth Gone Wild
  5. Stagnant Water
  6. Hyde
  7. Peaches Easy
  8. Judge And Jury
  9. She Hates Me
  10. Johnny
  11. Wasted
  12. Souls
  13. Shut Up And Drive [drum solo intro and extended ending]
  14. Little Sister
  15. Nightrain [with Timmy from Vagrant on vocals]

House PA and lights. Sound by Rowland and Tony.

Mini-review: Ladies and Gents, The Liquid Den July 17th with S.m.F. and Creepshow was obviously just the warm-up! If you weren't @ The Shop July 24th, I can't begin to describe what you missed adequately!

The party officially coasted in @ Noon with beer and kick-ass barbecue, but didn't drop into first gear until Xone took the stage @ 3:00. StoneBlue rocked it into second, and Creepshow amped it right up into third. Feeding heavily off that energy, the motley assemblage of friends from other bands that made up JMF gave the crowd a variety of new and old school metal covers, driving things full-speed ahead into a block-rocking frenzy.

By the time the soon-to-be-homeless S.m.F. took their own home-grown stage for one final hurrah around 9:30, ears were numb and throats were raw, but the fists pumped and the heads banged. The mid-set addition of an indoor Harley and a lot of exaust scared off a third of the crowd, but didn't slow much else down. If that wasn't enough, the bands were followed up by a surprise strip-tease performance that brought most of the crowd right back inside. All hail The Shop! You will be missed!

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