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Stagger Inn, February 12th, 2005:
The Grand Finale!

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First band (8:20): Zen

Third band (10:55): S.m.F.

Fourth band (12:00): Above Richter

Set List (9:20):
  1. Lady Killers
  2. Peaches Easy *
  3. Shut Up And Drive **
  4. Little Sister
  5. Goovy Blue
  6. Fortunate Son [with Steve Olds on vocals]
  7. Fist On Fist [with Steve on vocals]
  8. Hyde [with Steve on vocals] ***
  9. Stagnant Water
  10. Judge And Jury +
  11. Pissed Off
  12. The Free Life
  13. Johnny
  14. Wasted
  15. They Have Souls, Too [with Turley and Steve on vocals] ++
  16. Encore:

  17. Dead Or Alive [Sam solo with the whole bar on vocals]

Featuring excerpts on the big screen TVs from the films:
* Strip Tease and Barb Wire
** The Bourne Supremacy
*** From Hell
+ A Few Good Men
++ A Clockwork Orange

Our PA and house lights. Sound and video by Rowland. Fog by D.J.

Mini-review: As for my review of The Grand Finale February 12th @ The Stagger Inn, we couldn't have hoped for a better night. A head count of roughly 140 people showed up to see the band off, including long lost members of old bands and even Sam's little sister, who got to hear for the first time the song she inspired.

Zen started things off with a layed back set, featuring newer material that reflects their current groove and a few songs with Sarah Green, a singer-songwriter they're currently serving as a backing band.

With Timmy from Vagrant doing the introductions, the standing-room-only bar came blazing to life as StoneBlue took the stage, starting their double-length set with strong standards like Peaches Easy and Shut Up And Drive that had the crowd chanting "Faster Faster", accented by big-screen video that Rowland had put together for just this show.

Most of the surprises came in the middle of the show, with original lead singer Steve Olds taking the stage for three songs, including the rarely heard Fist On Fist and a blistering rendition of Hyde. Turley retook the stage and after giving the fans a full dose of the rest of their catalog, they closed with long-time mainstay They Have Souls, Too featuring both singers trading off lines.

After taking a group bow to thundering applause, chants of "One more song!" prompted Sam to play Bon Jovi's "Dead Or Alive" as the whole bar sang along. With everyone performing at the top of their game, no major technical problems, and a highly-responsive mass of fans, it was definately the best damned StoneBlue show ever. If you missed it, you truly missed something that won't soon be forgotten by those that witnessed it.

With about a fifty-fifty split of people in attendance for S.m.F as much as for StoneBlue, Mike was certainly under pressure to nail two different sets back-to-back, and everyone agrees he pulled things off incredibly well, with his new band giving one of their best shows to date, working the crowd into a frenzy.

Show closer's Above Richter were a power-trio that clearly showed a commercial edge with lots of long-term potential, proving that Turley is a great song-writer, as well as the accomplished singer and guitarist we already knew him to be.

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