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Rowland Ebright is a freelance engineer, producer, manager and DJ based in Long Beach, California, with twenty years of experience in the music business. He is the primary force behind Kelsung Productions. Our simple goal is to find unknown local talent and get them a strong footing in the various local music scenes of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County and beyond.

Our two demo recording facilities maintain both a 4-track analog and 8-track ADAT digital studio with Fostex 16x4 and 8x4 mixing consoles, Cakewalk and various sequencing software, mics and outboard gear. We've also used the facilities of other local studios, including Headway [Tiffany, Berlin] and Mambo [Sublime], as well as projects for independent rap label Mussel Records.

We've produced demos for several groups, primarily in the Long Beach area, including Wash, Updgrade, Phobic, DFR, Lus Dus and others. The professional album quality of these demos has directly resulted in getting some of these acts record deals. Although we've worked mostly with rap, punk and metal groups, our experience over the years has brought us in the studio with every imaginable genre of music, old and new.

We also do live sound in local clubs or at outdoor events with either a RANE 12x6 or Fender 16x2 PA with 350 watt JBL speakers and 100 watt monitors. With a large personal music library and on-air radio experience, we provide DJ services for parties, weddings and various other special events. We're open to most genres, but specialize in classic rock, 80's, hard rock and pop.

We've also made forays into band management, handling promotions and gigs for groups like Disentary, Entropy, Zen and, obviously, StoneBlue. The long term connections we've maintained in the local music scene over the years puts us in a strong position to get a band noticed.

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