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They Have Souls, Too
Fist On Fist
Shut Up And Drive
Little Sister
Lady Killers
Judge And Jury
Peaches Easy
Pissed Off
Stagnant Water

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The Free Life
[Live @ DiPiazza 6-19-4]

Peaches Easy
Pissed Off
Stagnant Water
Judge And Jury
Shut Up And Drive


The Songs

Noise In The Attic

This is an ongoing journal of the recording sessions for our forthcoming full-length album:

1999/2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004

7/27/04 - The Free Life is finally added to the site as another downloadable MP3 file.

6/19/04 - Wade Wilkinson again records a live performance @ DiPiazza directly to CD. It is determined that new song The Free Life could potentially be used.

2/28/04 - Wade Wilkinson records another live performance @ DiPiazza directly to CD, and this newer recording is considered superior, but we have not yet made use of it.

3/15/03 - Wade Wilkinson, house sound engineer @ DiPiazza, records a live performance directly to CD, but the recording has too many performance mistakes. Rowland put and MP3 of Johnny up on the web-site in 2004, but the band all complained of it's inferiority and it was soon removed from the site.

9/03 - All five tracks are also added to the web-site as downloadable MP3 files.

5/3/03 - Okay, not in the studio, but it bears mentioning that this was the day of the photo shoot @ Scoreboard for the CD packaging. Over the next few days, Sam and Chrystal waded through over 250 pictures to pick the best, while Rowland worked on a lyric-sheet layout. Sam then designed the front and back cover, while Rowland put together some other shots with the lyrics. Finally, we made copies of the layout, burned 17 CDs (for starters), got jewel cases from Turley, and put the whole mess together for an official release on May 9th.

5/1/03 - A final bunch of minor adjustments to all five songs and Rowland declared the mixes finished, until of course he decides to drive himself further insane at some later point.

4/29/03 - Fixed a few rhythm guitar notes and tweaked the final mix of Peaches, then worked on mixing Judge And Jury with the new bass line, editing guitars and EQing drums. Finally, for the sake of overdoing things, went back and adjusted vocals and some of the drums on Shut Up And Drive, then burned the five finished tracks.

4/28/03 - After repeated listens, adjusted a variety of things on Peaches.

4/26/03 - Rowland edited those seven guitar parts into three tracks, adjusted a variety of volumes throughout the song, and burned a rough mix for listening purposes.

3/25/03 - DJ tracked two rhythm guitar parts on Peaches, bringing that song's total to seven different guitar parts.

3/12/03 - Mike tracked bass on Souls, Judge And Jury, Peaches and Johnny.

3/6/03 - Rowland did some guitar track edits on Peaches and Lady Killers.

2/23/03 - Sam tracked clean, rhythm and lead guitars on Peaches, including a Bob Rock inspired ambient track. Turley tracked vocals on Judge And Jury, then added a minor (but very cool) vocal effect to Peaches.

1/28/03 - Adjusted EQ on Shut Up And Drive guitars and completed final mix.

1/27/03 - Satisfied with their mixes, burned four CDs with Pissed Off and Stagnant Water and gave them away at the show that night.

1/21/03 - Recorded the lead on Stagnant Water and did more mix tweaking, burning the three to a CD again. Also did guitar clean-up on Lady Killers.

1/18/03 - After repeated listens, tweaked the mixes on all three. This included cleaning up guitars in the choruses of Pissed Off.

1/14/03 - Burned a couple CDs of the three final mixes so we could compare them on various other stereo systems.

1/12/03 - Worked on the final mixes for Shut Up And Drive and Pissed Off, as well as Stagnant Water even though it still needs the lead part recorded in the bridge.

1/8/03 - Rowland edited together guitars on Judge And Jury from various takes. Turley tracked vocals on the choruses of Peaches, as well as fixing some flat notes in the third verse.

1/6/03 - We tracked vocals on Judge And Jury, but may change or add to them later.

1/5/03 - We tracked the clean guitars on Stagnant Water.

12/22/02 - Wanting to start vocals on Peaches from scratch, we sub-mixed the old ones for reference. Then Rowland added vocal delay effects on Shut Up And Drive, and worked on tweaking the final mix.

12/17/02 - Turley started tracking the chorus to Peaches, but we felt the notes needed work.

12/15/02 - Sam recorded scratch guitars on Souls and Peaches. Turley tracked vocals on the verses of Peaches, as we worked on getting both the melody and feel just right. Then we experimented with various vocal harmonies, with incredible results.

12/14/02 - Rowland did various bits of cleanup, adjusting rough mixes on parts of several songs. Sam then experimented with some vocal delays and reverbs, and added the car sound effect to Shut Up And Drive.

12/11/02 - Drums are edited on Peaches Easy, and guitars are cleaned up on Lady Killers and Pissed Off. DJ retracked rhythm guitars on the bridge of Stagnant Water and then layed three different takes on Judge And Jury, from which we plan to edit a finished track.

12/10/02 - A late night. Sam tracked guitars on Stagnant Water and Lady Killers. DJ tracked guitars on Pissed Off, Stagnant Water and Lady Killers. Sam tracked a minor backing vocal in the verses of Shut Up And Drive and Turley recorded tripled vocals on the choruses, then doubled vocals on Johnny, tripling the ending.

12/09/02 - Clean guitars on Stagnant Water tracked, but sound quality seems lacking.

12/08/02 - Sam tracked guitars on Pissed Off, including a solo assembled from four different takes. Turley layed tripled vocals on the verses of Shut Up And Drive, as well as a few other scratch vocals for reference.

12/06/02 - Tracks from previous recordings on the ADAT are transfered into the Cakewalk program on the computer, which will allow us to add Turley to Lady Killers, Hyde and Shut Up And Drive, as well as make use of unused drum tracks on Goovy Blue, Little Sister, Peaches Easy and They Have Souls, Too.

From these, we find that the guitars on Lady Killers have degraded and are unusable, and the drums on Peaches Easy don't match the final arrangement, which we plan to digitally edit.

12/05/02 - Lyrical mistake in Pissed Off digitally edited, but unsatisfactory results are erased. All vocals on Stagnant Water sub-mixed.

12/04/02 - Bass tracked on Stagnant Water and Pissed Off. Two lead vocals and two backing vocals tracked on Pissed Off.

12/03/02 - Scratch guitars, three lead vocals and four harmony vocals tracked on Stagnant Water.

11/23/02 - Scratch guitars recorded on Johnny and the new song. Guitars are edited on last year's recording of Judge And Jury in order to make some mistiming sync properly.

11/17/02 - New drums tracked for Stagnant Water, Pissed Off, Johnny and an unfinished new song.

12/01 - Mixing is finished on Stagnant Water and Peaches.

11/01 - Sam and Mike both put down bass tracks, and Steve does a few vocal sessions.

11/01 - Ongoing sessions prove to be quite fruitful. Drums and guitars are soon finished on Peaches, Judge And Jury, Souls and new song Stagnant Water. Dirty Mirror and others still need work.

11/01 - Sam begins tracking drums and guitars on the newer songs through the PA mixer directly into his computer's Cakewalk program. His single sound-card only allows one stereo track at a time, and several technical problems need to be overcome.

9/28/01 - Rowland and Sam make a decent mix of new song Pissed Off from the live recording.

9/7/01 - The band performs live at The Garfield. Rowland recorded the majority of the show out of the PA into a 4-track. Guitar to one track, bass to another, all three vocal mics to a third, and four mics on the drum kit [kick, snare and two overheads] to the fourth. It's later concluded that only some of the songs are usable.

8/24/01 - All drums sub-mixed again, with new snare, and tracks blanked.

8/19/01 - Blanked the old snare whilst cleaning up the minor mistakes the trigger made.

8/18/01 - After a session at Rabbit Studios, we successfully used the bad snare track as a trigger into an Alesis D-4 drum module, replacing it with a much better sounding sample, yet retaining the live feel of Dave's playing.

7/16/01 - All drums sub-mixed to stereo. However, the snare track has some serious distortion problems, and we're trying to decide what we can do to fix it.

7/15/01 - All day drum session. We got down Peaches, Souls, Women, NRB, Dirty Mirror, Goovy Blue and Little Sister. We almost had Fist On Fist, but the tape ran out. Switching to the tape from August 99, we decided to keep Crackhead Larry but blank over Little Sister, now that we have a new version, since Dave had changed how he played it. On that tape we tracked Fist On Fist, Moderate Decadence and The Premonition before Dave called it a night. Upon listening back to the tracks, we realized we'd accidentily been sending the scratch guitar to the cymbal tracks during the last three songs, but we still may be able to salvage some of it.

Photo Gallery

6/3/01 - After spending several hours putting delay effects on tape, making them easier to mix, a final mix is made of Hyde, saving several before making a final choice. Chrystal was even recruited as a fifth hand to finish it, due to the complexity of mixing the ambient vocals.

6/1/01 - Final mixes made of Shut Up And Drive and Lady Killers that we're very happy with. Exausted after several hours, a preliminary mix of Hyde ends up sounding horrible.

5/27/01 - Vocals recorded on Hyde and Lady Killers. Ambient vocal effects recorded for Hyde.

5/11/01 - Bass recorded on Hyde in one take!

3/12/01 - Several mixes made of Sweaty Worm, but they probably won't end up being used. The vocals are slightly flat and need rerecorded, as well as at least the rhythm guitar parts. We also did one mix of Shut Up And Drive, which may or may not be usable.

3/11/01 - Initial rough mix of Sweaty Worm attempted.

2/19/01 - Bass recorded on Shut Up And Drive.

2/16/01 - Vocals recorded on Shut Up And Drive.

2/5/01 - Bass recorded on Ladykillers and Sweaty Worm.

2/4/01 - Vocals and backing vocals recorded on Sweaty Worm. Backing vocals recorded on Shut Up And Drive.

1/29/01 - Lead guitars recorded on Sweaty Worm.

1/26/01 - Rhythm, clean and harmony guitars recorded on Sweaty Worm.

1/21/01 - Lead guitar recorded on Shut Up And Drive.

1/19/01 - Rhythm guitars recorded on Ladykillers. Three different pairs of guitar parts recorded on Hyde, then sub-mixed to stereo.

1/15/01 - Rhythm guitars recorded on Shut Up And Drive.

1/5/01 - All drums sub-mixed to stereo. We decide to finish these songs before moving on to another drum session.

12/22/00 - Drums and scratch tracks recorded on Shut Up And Drive, Sweaty Worm, Ladykillers and Hyde. Dave's floor-tom head gave out during They Have Souls, Too so we decided to call it a night and do another drum session in January.

12/16/00 - Drums recorded on Shut Up And Drive and Fist On Fist. Frustrations during the session led to these being abandoned.

8/22/99 - All guitars recorded on the three songs. Although it has since been decided that the guitars will mostly be redone, the drums from this session are still usable and could be incorporated into the newer sessions.

8/15/99 - Dave and Sam record basic tracks on Crackhead Larry and Little Sister, both relatively new at the time. They also track a short punk song composed by Rowland called Teeples And Thatcher, and make a feeble attempt at pulling off a cover of Ridin' The Third Rail by Lost Souls, but Dave's lack of familiarity with the song renders it useless.

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